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It could be argued that interest groups are an important and valuable part of the political process because they provide citizens with more effective representation.  Others might argue that interest groups and interest group politics mostly increase the political clout of the richest and most powerful individuals and interests.  What are the bases for these contending arguments; overall do you think interest groups are good or bad for the political system in California?  What, if any, reforms would you recommend, and if not, why not?


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Expert Essay Writers | Political Science Class

Get your original solution. SOLVED  Part I: ID’s (Answer 4 ID Questions only, 5 points each, 20 points total)
Instructions: Identify AND Explain the significance of 4 of the following 6 terms, concepts, or
cases.  The “identification” should take the form of a definition and/or explanation of the term,
concept, or case.  The “significance” can take the form of its significance to American
government, an example, or an application to current events.
Word Limit: 100 words max (about 5 sentences max) for Each of the 4 ID Questions chosen
1. Signing Statements
Answer Here:
2. Gerrymandering
Answer Here:
3. U.S. v. Curtiss-Wright
Answer Here:
4. Civic skills
Answer Here:
5. Speaker of the House
Answer Here:
6. Engagement (political engagement in the context of political participation)
Answer Here:

Part II: Short Answer Question – Congress and the President (20 points total)
Word Limit: 400-500 words max for Questions 1 and 2 combined (about 1 page max single
Instructions: Answer Both Questions 1 and 2
Fact Pattern: President Smith has declared war on England.  The President claims that England
might attack the United States, but he provides no evidence to support his claim.  The President
sends troops to invade England without consulting Congress first.  Upon hearing of the
President’s invasion a week later, members of Congress are furious.  
Hint: There may be multiple arguments that the President can make in Question 1 and that
Congress can make in Question 2 below.  List and explain as many arguments as you think are
relevant (not just one).  Also, include important facts from the fact pattern above in your answers
to support your arguments.  

1. What are the President’s strongest arguments that he has the power to invade England without
   getting authorization from Congress first?
Answer Here:
2. What are Congress’s strongest arguments that the President acted improperly?
Answer Here:

Part III: Short Answer Question – Public Opinion  (20 points total)
Word Limit: 400-500 words max for Political Cue 1 and Political Cue 2 combined (about 1
page max single spaced)

Fact Pattern: It is September 7, 2020, two months before the 2020 presidential election, and
Jenny Anderson is a voter in Ohio.  She is deciding on whether to support President Trump, the
Republican candidate, or Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, in the election.  
She is not an ideologue and she does not have high political knowledge.  Her parents are
Republicans and growing up, they regularly discussed politics at the dinner table.  However, in
the 2016 election, she registered as a Democrat and regularly watches MSNBC, a more liberal
news network.  However, she is currently an independent swing voter who voted for Hillary
Clinton in 2016 but for Mitt Romney in 2012.  She also reads the New York Times daily and on
the morning of September 7th, she read an article that said: “Although the unemployment rate
has been at historic lows throughout President Trump’s first three years in office, the
unemployment rate skyrocketed from 4.4% to 14.7% this past month due to the Coronavirus
pandemic.  This is the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression and there are no
signs of an improving economy in the near future.”  
Explain TWO political cues that Jenny can use in deciding which candidate to support in the
2020 presidential election.  Hint: Your answers should not only include the political science
concepts requested below, but also should include the relevant facts from the fact pattern above
to support your answers.  
Instructions: Answer All 3 Questions for BOTH Political Cue 1 AND Political Cue 2
In explaining the political cues, provide the following information:

Political Cue 1:
1. Define the political cue.
Answer Here:
2. Explain how the political cue generally contributes to a person’s opinion formation.
Answer Here:
3. Explain what facts about that political cue from the fact pattern above would make it more
   likely for Jenny to support either President Trump or Vice President Biden in the election.  
Answer Here:

Political Cue 2:
1. Define the political cue.
Answer Here:
2. Explain how the political cue generally contributes to a person’s opinion formation.
Answer Here:
3. Explain what facts about that political cue from the fact pattern above would make it more
   likely for Jenny to support either President Trump or Vice President Biden in the election.
Answer Here:

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Get your original solution. SOLVED  In this first part of our discussion board, each of you is going to choose a theory that is discussed in chapter three of the book. It can be realism, liberalism, radicalism, or constructivism (the reason I’ve not included feminism is that it’s more of a critique of the other theories rather than a standalone theory of its own). You can choose whichever one you want.
You shouldn’t need anything other than the book and the videos in Module 2 to do this assignment, but you can also use other internet sources if you would like, so long as they are reputable. Ideally, please post your response below rather than uploading it as a word document/PDF, since that’s harder for your classmates to read. I would like you to compose a 300-500 word post that summarizes the following about your theory:
1) What are the basics of your theory? What does your theory think are the most important things to pay attention to in international relations? What is the role of the state in your theory?
2) What do you find compelling about your theory? What makes it believable?
3) What do you find unbelievable or unrealistic about your theory?
You can score up to 20 points based on your use of evidence, the thoroughness and accuracy of your answer, and your correct usage of grammar/spelling.

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Expert Essay Writers | Urban Politics, Memorandum

Get your original solution. SOLVED The memo will be to an imaginary policy decision maker based on the topic of Housing Discrimination[1] or Gentrification.[2] Housing Discrimination can take place, but not limited to, those holding housing
vouchers, same-sex couples and transgender people, families with small children, racial and ethnic
minorities, and people with disabilities. Gentrification is a form of neighborhood change that occurs when higher-income groups move into low-income areas, potentially altering the cultural and financial landscape of the original neighborhood. In the most recent decade, gentrification has been manifested in the “return to the cities,” with redevelopment and investment in many downtown areas of the nation.
*Helpful Links
(Housing Discrimination)
(Sample 1 The Brookings Institution, “Memo to the President: Reform Health care)
(Sample 2 The Stanley Foundation, Center for a New American Security, “Policy Memo)


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