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Assignment 1 Worksheet 4 Answer questions 1. What is camera obscura? When was the first mention of the phenomena behind the camera obscura noted? How did the camera obscura assist artists during the 16th century? 2. Who is Alfred Stieglitz? What form of photography did he champion? 3. Who is Eadweard Muybridge? What is his contribution to the history of photography and film? 4. What is a major difference between art and graphic design? Assignment 2 Discuss three key things that you found interesting and newly learned from the course readings along with your personal reflections. Do not just mention or summarize the contents but elaborate your thoughts. * Again, feel free to raise any question for all of us to think about. * To receive the full credit, in addition to your original post, respond to your classmates’ posts Make a positive response to each post Post 1 After reading the first thing I learned was lithography which is the printing surface is flat and not raised. It amazing how the artist create the lithography artwork with stone and the process it goes through to come out & be printed. I never heard of this until this chaper. The second thing I learned was hiw artists tried creating illusion of movement in a still image. The artist did that by drawing pictures of certain things that looks as it’s moving. The artist with have the drawings back to back so it can look as ifar it’s first movement to move the second movement * so on until it’s at a stopped position. The last thing I learned was Internet art and how it can influence images as it evolves on the computer screen. Post 2 Three key things I newly learned from this weeks readings. 1st thing was learning about the task of graphic design and the two developments that have affected the more modern field of graphic design. The task of graphic design is to try to limit interpretation and control meaning as much as possible. The two developments are the printing press and the industrial revolution. The printing press made it possible to devise a notice that could be reproduced hundreds of times and distributed widely. The industrial revolution dramatically increased the commercial applications of graphic design as manufacturers needed to market themselves more competitively. 2nd thing was learning about animation and how 12 to 24 drawings are needed per second to create an illusion of smooth motion. 3rd thing was learning that camera obscura is Latin for “Dark Room” and it was developed during the renaissance as a room in which a hole was punctured through a wall or door producing an upside down non-permanent image on an opposing wall.

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