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1. Background Information: The company is, which designs and distributes computer based training materials to corporate clients. The training materials range from ready to purchase on-line courses and CD-Rom training programs to custom made programs tailored to the client’s needs. The company is based in Burlington, Ontario. has been in business for 3 years, with many of the original employees still working for them. The company is planning on expanding into the education sector in the near future and at the present time does not have any direct competitors. The Assistant Manager- Customer Service and Sales has just resigned and a replacement must be found. As the HR Coordinator for Compulearn you are responsible for establishing a recruiting plan. The budget is modest so use recruitment methods that are cost effective and reasonable given the level of the position. 2. With reference to the background information and the Job Description, identify 3 recruiting methods you would use to recruit applicants for this position with the goal of attracting a substantial pool of qualified applicants. Provide a detailed description of each method. Explain clearly your rationale for selecting each method. Your rationale should be based on the background information provided as well as your knowledge of recruiting methods. You may also want to discuss your choice of method in relation to type of job, location of job, qualifications, labour market, or budget. Put your answers in your own words. 3. Using the Job Description for the “Customer Service and Sales- Assistant Manager”, choose five (5) selection criteria/standards (Qualifications) to be used to screen the applications. List and describe each selection criteria. Explain what information on a resume might indicate that the applicant satisfies the criteria. State why the group feels it is an important qualification for the position. Be specific in your description of each selection criteria. (Do not select “failure to list references”, “formatting errors” (spelling, incorrect dates etc.), or “willing to relocate” as selection criteria.) 4. Your advertisement for the “Customer Service and Sales – Assistant Manager” resulted in eight (8) applications. (Obviously this is an unrealistic number but manageable for the assignment.) Set up a scoring table or matrix, which identifies the selection criteria, the weighting and scoring procedures and a comments section. Make 8 copies of your scoring table. For each applicant complete a separate scoring table including point form comments. (Example- justification for why the applicant received a certain score for each of the criteria.) Resumes and cover letters for the eight applicants can be found in the A2L course site under the Group Assignment folder. Please do not look at the resumes until you have finished step number 1. 5. Identify 2 applicants that you have chosen to interview and provide written rationale for selecting each. Your rationale should refer to each of the selection criteria and how the applicant met each criteria. 6. Finally, develop a minimum of 10 interview questions that you would ask these 2 applicants. Grading Criteria (a total of 40 marks) 2. Recruiting methods selected: (3 methods x 6 marks each) (total 18 marks) § A detailed description of each recruiting method is provided § Rationale clearly illustrates reasons for selecting each method as a means to attract a substantial pool of qualified applicants. § Writing free of spelling, grammar mistakes – well written. 3. Selection Criteria 5 criteria X 2 marks each= 10 marks · 1 mark for criteria and description- e.g. Stating “Leadership skills” is not enough. Need to explain what you mean by Leadership skills. E.g. Ability to motivate others and to get people to work together to accomplish goals. · 1 mark for explaining why this is an important criteria in selecting someone for this job. Relate to responsibilities of the job from the Job Description. 4. (a) Scoring matrix 1 mark · Submit a blank form that could be used to score each of the resumes which includes selection criteria, the weighting and scoring procedures and a comments section. (b) Scoring matrix completed for each applicant – 8 marks · Include point form notes for your evaluation of each resume 5. Identification of the 2 applicants you will interview and your rationale for each. (3 marks) · For each applicant describe how/why he/she met each criteria 6. Interview Questions- 10 marks as follows: – Minimum of 10 questions (1 mark) – Includes at least two well written and applicable behavioural questions (1.5 marks) – Includes at least two will written and applicable situational style questions (1.5 marks) – At least 1 question addresses each of the selection criteria identified in step 1. (One question per one criteria – for a total of 5 questions). In brackets after each question, identify the selection criteria, which is being assessed. (2 marks) – Includes 1 specific question (each) that could be asked of each of the two applicants you will interview. The questions will address information from their resume that is in addition to the job requirements. (2 marks) – Questions are relevant to the job (1 mark) – Questions are well written (1 mark)

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