Assessment & recommendations for Godiva UK  in the Fast‐Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) channel


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Assessment task:  To conduct a strategic assessment of Godiva UK (FMCG) in terms of their  external and internal environment, and to identify strategic options and recommendations in  which Godiva UK can strengthen their UK market  position. Assessment Details  The strategic management report will need to identify the internal and external opportunities and threats facing the Godiva UK FMCG, and present appropriate frameworks that inform your development of strategic options and recommendations for the company in terms of future strategic directions and methods of expansion. The report should therefore be comprised of areas for consideration that address the following questions: 1. What is Godiva UK’s current strategic positioning in the UK FMCG confectionary market? The following will need to be carried out to address this question: 2) Strategic analysis of the current positioning of GODIVA UK. This will need to include an assessment of the external MACRO environment (using the PEST or PESTEL framework); external MICRO environment (using Porter’s 5 Force framework) and internal analysis of Godiva UK’s internal environment (applying Jay Barney’s VRIO or Michael Porter’s Value Chain Analysis) to identify opportunities and threats in both these external and internal environmental layers. 3. What strategic recommendations can you propose Godiva UK follow to strengthen its current position in the UK Market? The following will need to be carried out to address this question: An identification of the competitive strategies currently being followed by Godiva UK (FMCG) and a consideration of their future competitive strategies applying either Porter’s Generic Strategies of Competition framework or Bowman and Faulkner’s Strategy Clock and a consideration of the future methods of strategic expansion and directions available to Godiva UK (FMCG). The final strategic management report should contain: Executive Summary Introduction (Company & industry background, key challenges faced by the selected company) External environmental analysis for identifying opportunities and threats: Macro (PEST or PESTEL) & Micro (5 Forces Framework for analysing industry structure and the nature of competition) Internal environmental analysis for identifying strengths and weaknesses: VRIO or value chain analysis Identification of Competitive Strategies (Bowman’s Clock or Porter’s Generic Strategies) Strategic directions (Markets, Products, Services) & methods of expansion In-text citations and list of references using Harvard Referencing Background to the company. The Godiva brand has its origins in Belgium, founded in 1926 by the chocolatier Mr Joseph Pierre Drapps, who originally handcrafted praline chocolates in his workshop in Brussels. Over the years Godiva expanded across Europe and entered the North American market… operating more than 450 boutiques and shops as well as airports in over 80 countries1. Pladis is a Turkish biscuit, chocolate and confectionary subsidiary owned by Yildiz Holding. Pladis owns the Ulker, McVities and Godiva brands. In the UK, Godiva UK is comprised of two separate channels:  a selection of premium boutique store outlets mostly located in London, complemented by its online sales website and  its fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) channel selling through supermarkets such as Sainsburys 2 and through high-end department stores John Lewis 3 Godiva FMCG is looking to expand its market share in the UK chocolate market, having already formed a strategic partnership with Sainsburys 4. Considering the FMCG channel of Godiva UK, your brief as a strategic consultant will be to analyse and recommend strategies identifying ways in which Godiva UK can expand and strengthen its position in the UK chocolate market. Please note that in addition to these instructions, I will be sending across some attachments and websites for guidance.

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